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Tail Handler JCB 540-140

The JCB 540-140 telehandler is a versatile machine designed to handle a variety of heavy lifting and loading tasks. With a nominal load capacity of 4 tonnes at the center of gravity, it is capable of lifting heavy loads with ease. The telehandler comes equipped with standard 15.5-25 tyres and features a transmission type of W. It has a horizontal reach of 9.25 meters and a maximum lifting height of 13.8 meters, allowing it to reach high and hard-to-reach areas. The JCB 540-140 telehandler has a capacity of 1.25 tonnes at full forward reach and 4 tonnes at full lift height, providing ample lifting power for most jobs. With a weight of 10.86 tonnes, it is stable and easy to maneuver.

Technical Specification Value
Nominal Load at Center of Gravity (COG) 4 t
Standard Tyres 15.5-25
Transmission Type W
Reach – Horizontal 9.25 m
Capacity at Full Forward Reach 1.25 t
Lifting Height 13.8 m
Capacity at Full Lift Height 4 t
Weight 10.86 t

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